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Many important factors of traditional treatment of scoliosis are lacking when it comes to the effect of the cervical spine in determining spinal pathology, gait, stance, and overall posture. Scoliosis patients have ‘forward head posture’ as seen on x rays, accompanied by dysfunctional spinal segments of the atlas and occiput, the back of the head and the first cervical vertebra. This is rarely considered in standard scoliosis therapy.

A second vital component in comprehensive scoliosis care, and is generally overlooked, is the correction of hip rotation. Many doctors will erroneously tell their patients that one hip is higher than the other. While that may show on the x-rays, the truth is the pelvis frequently rotates in scoliosis, causing it to appear higher than one side. The rotation of the hips must be corrected properly to be able to make any permanent correction of the scoliosis curve.

Changing Lives
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"I started researching and found out about Dr. Harvey and contacted his office immediately. I started getting treatments from him three times a week for a month and I couldn’t believe the amazing results. My scoliosis curve had gotten better by 75% and I had absolutely no pain." 

-Selin Herabid-Siraki
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"I've always felt that any potential curvature reversal would have to be the result of physical retraining I would have to do myself rather than passive treatments or manual manipulation by someone else--but although I searched, no one had the right combination of knowledge to help me until now.  Dr. Harvey has made self-healing a reality. Within 4 weeks, BOTH my curves have been reduced several degrees simultaneously. This program combines the processes I dreamed could work." 

- Ruby Roth, Age 30

Los Angeles, CA

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"I am currently at less than 20 degrees for both my thoracic and lumbar curvatures.  I am very thankful that Dr. Harvey has taken the time and effort to treat patients like me." 

- Gabriela Arroyo

Downy, CA

Real Results

10 year old female
Thoracic Cobb angle; 13 degrees and compensatory Lumbar Cobb; 10 degrees. 3 months treatment.

physical therapy for scoliosis
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Post treatment.
Thoracic Cobb angle; 4 degrees and Lumbar Cobb angle; 2 degrees! No scoliosis!! 69% improvement Thoracic and 80% Lumbar.


Adolescent Idiopathic - 13 year old female

Scoliosis Double major curve.
Thoracic Cobb angle; 19 degrees and Lumbar Cobb angle; 24 degrees. 

3 months treatment! 

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scoliosis treatment los angeles

Post treatment

Reduction of Scoliosis from 19 degrees to 13.5 degrees in Thoracic spine and 24 degrees to 15.5 degrees in the Lumbar spine.

3 months treatment! 

30 year old male
Pre treatment Cobb angles: 12 degree thoracic and 17 degree Lumbar curves. 3 months Scoliosis treatment.


scoliosis treatment los angeles
scoliosis specialist los angeles

Post treatment
Thoracic Cobb angle; 5 degrees! Lumbar Cobb angle; 9 degrees! By definition this patient is Scoliosis free!! 58% and 47% improvement in both curves.

The Physics of Scoliosis – Understanding why the curve in the neck plays a major role in causing scoliosis.

Another important factor in scoliosis rehabilitation is balance and proprioception.

The imbalance of the neurological short leg should be corrected with specific spinal adjustments. Proprioceptive retaining exercises will be used to maintain the correction once the patient is balanced.


Various spinal weights may be placed on the head and/or hips to activate the weakened postural muscles. Also, whole-body vibration therapy (WBV) has been scientifically proven to be extremely effective at proprioceptive re-education. Do NOT make the mistake of trying to “push” a scoliosis out of the spine!

The body will resist this type of adjustment as it is foreign to the body. Therefore most scoliosis braces are ineffective and sometimes harmful because this is exactly what they do.. A scoliotic spine must be visualized and corrected three-dimensionally; the lateral curve will not reduce until the spine has been de-compressed and de-rotated. Adjusting the apex of the curve, whether into the concavity or the convexity, will inevitably make the situation worse. Traction – pulling – is far more effective because it is a subtler, gentler force, and one that is less readily resisted by the body.​

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Spinal Solutions treatment begins with a complete physical examination and a series of x-rays.  The information from the physical examination and x-rays is used to create an individualized treatment plan for every patient.


Treatment sessions last approximately two hours, and consist of three phases, informally termed, “Warm Up, Adjusting, Mobilizing.”


Phase 1: Warm Up

The first phase is designed to prepare the body for treatment.  It includes warm-up exercises, , and other therapies designed to relax the muscles and the spine.


Phase 2: Adjusting

The second phase involves various specialized chiropractic adjustments that involve advanced mechanical adjusting instruments that are used to provide gentle, precise correction. Adjustments are also performed on the back, hips, and other areas.


Phase 3: Reactive Training

The third phase consists of specialized exercises that influence your posture, balance, and coordination.  They activate specific muscle groups along the spine, as well as specific areas of the brain, to change how the brain and the body work together to achieve a balanced, more natural position.



A typical treatment session involves a variety of exercises, therapies and adjustments meant to improve the patient’s comfort level and rehabilitate the spine. Since treatment plans are customized to each patient, no two patients will experience an identical treatment session. 

The following describes a typical Spinal Solutions treatment session.  Please note that this may be modified or changed at the discretion of Dr. Harvey, based upon the patient’s individual needs.  The average length of one treatment session is between 90 and 150 minutes,



consist of stretching exercises on a special chair.  This chair has a seat which pivots in 360 degrees of motion, encouraging spinal mobility and makes it easy for your spine to bend in many different ways.  When scoliosis develops, the muscles and tendons on one side of the spine become very tight. Exercises involving side-bending help loosen up these tight areas.

physical therapy for scoliosis
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we use a device that is placed behind the neck and under the while lying down.  This form of traction is very gentle. The purpose of this traction is to encourage the nourishment of the spinal discs as well as help relax the spine.


is where you will lie down on a roll that goes below the neck or the low back.  This roll is connected to a motor, which causes it to move at a unique vibrational frequency.  This specific type of vibration has a relaxing effect upon the collagen that makes up the intervertebral discs, tendons, and ligaments.  It is very gentle, but also very effective in reducing problems like neck and low back pain, as well as improving the flexibility of the spine.

physical therapy for scoliosis


Flexion/distraction therapy has been used by chiropractors for decades to help treat patients with herniated discs and low back pain.  The patient lies down on their stomach, and the lower half of the table slowly raises and lowers.  This provides gentle, intermittent traction to the spine.  Flexion/distraction is not like spinal decompression; the Eckard Flexion/Distraction Table is designed specifically for scoliosis rehabilitation.

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Although people tend to think of scoliosis as a sideways curve of the spine, it’s three-dimensional.  When viewed from the side, our spines should have three curves; two that point forward in the neck and low back (the cervical and lumbar lordosis), and one that points backwards in the middle (the thoracic kyphosis).  In most cases of scoliosis, the middle curve (thoracic kyphosis) becomes flatter, which can make the shoulder blades look like they are sticking out.  


Sometimes the curve in the neck is lost, causing poor posture and problems with breathing or sleeping.  If the curve in the low back is lost, this can place stress on the muscles and spinal discs, and cause back pain.  Spinal Solutions uses special adjustments to help restore the good, healthy curves of the spine.

Adjustments may be performed on the low back and hips, depending on the three-dimensional measurements made on the x-rays.  Every spine is unique, and these x-rays help us to tailor our treatment to reflect this. Keep in mind that traditional chiropractic treatment is ineffective in reducing the severity of scoliosis. It is highly advised against using these practices for caring for those who have scoliosis.


Spinal Solutions treatment also includes adjustments of the neck, which are performed with the patient sitting up. An adjusting instrument is used to deliver precise but gentle forces into the bones of the neck, working to re-align them back towards the ideal position.  Every patient is adjusted according to their unique x-ray configuration, and post-treatment x-rays of the neck can be used to verify correction has been achieved.  The Spinal Solutions protocols do not involve using the hands to twist or turn the neck.


Whole-Body Vibration (WBV) Therapy is a relatively new innovation that has recently gained attention as a way of building muscle or losing weight.  The type of WBV platforms used in Spinal Solutions, however, are not like these devices.  The device we use is specifically designed to help improve posture and balance.   Using Whole-Body Vibration as a clinical rehabilitation tool to help improve balance in elderly individuals, or people with Parkinson’s, is being explored by scientists and researchers around the world. 

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The STC combines gentle spinal traction with other components designed to reduce scoliosis while the patient is in a seated position. Sitting removes the potential influence of the hips and legs on  the spine.  The spine is simultaneously de-rotated (uncoiled), elongated, and straightened.  


The patient performs exercises while in the STC that are designed to work in tandem to reinforce this corrected spinal position.  There is also a Whole-Body Vibration component to enhance this effect, just like with the previous therapy.

STC X-rays, taken of scoliosis patients while they are correctly positioned in the Scoliosis Traction Chair, have demonstrated dramatic improvements in the rotation of the spine and the ribs, as well as reductions in the Cobb angle, that are far superior to what can potentially be achieved in a brace.  

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Traditional chiropractic is ineffective in reducing the severity of mild cases of scoliosis. Spinal Solutions advises against traditional chiropractic care for the management of moderate to severe cases, or those with a high risk of progression. Spinal Solutions uses a scoliosis-specific protocol that has been in clinical use since 2000, and is currently taught through postgraduate courses at accredited chiropractic universities. This protocol shows much greater promise than what has been done in the past.

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