nice places to visit in north hollywood, ca

North Hollywood is a neighborhood in the city of Los Angeles. It is well known for television, art and the Hollywood industry. It has eight private schools and was originally named Toluca then Lankershim in 1896 and finally North Hollywood in 1927. 


When you are planning to travel North Hollywood California should be in you bucket list. The neighborhood is well known for the movie industry. The culture has also maintained the history of pop. There are history patched permanently on the pavements and most of the walls. There are museums that have the physical remnants of the films. There is too much to explore in North Hollywood California, below are some of the places that you must not miss to visit:


1. Museum Of Broken Relationships – it was opened in June 2016. The first exhibit was conceived in 2006 by Drazen Grubisic when they broke up. The always collected artifacts from broken relationships and put them up together for an exhibition that toured Europe before they opened the permanent exhibition. The exhibits available are: a hairbrush, some mundane objects and a license plate. Other times that may be a little bit more significant are a belly lint and silicone implants.


2. Visit The Paramount Studio – it is a landmark in California and the only studio that you can visit. The other studios available you can only see a view from outside.


3. Attend A Tv Show Taping – I mean who wouldn't want to see this. We all want to see the behind the scenes and this would be the perfect one to watch. This is one of the best experiences in Hollywood where you can get up close to the celebrities. You can get tickets and be an audience to a comedy show or a game show.


4. Visit The Frank Lloyd Wright House – the house was designed in Los Angeles. It is located at Barnsdall Art Park at the top of Olive Hill. You can only view the house from the park and not from the street. It was once closed for renovation but was re-opened in February 2015.


5. Take A Tour To The Original Wax Museum – it is among the major pop culture museums. Since 1965 it has been housing the wax museum's collection of changing movies. It is the longest surviving museum.


6. Visit The Hike Runyon Canyon – it is a 160 acre park located in the Hollywood Hills. It has a lot of people who come to watch and appreciate the environment. There are moms and nannies with strollers walking around, athletes running, local teens and even old people. The best time to visit is during winter and spring because the sky is clear and there is more greenery within its environments.


7. Visit The Heritage Museum – it is located on the highland avenue across Hollywood Bowl. It was built in 1895 on a ranch at the corner of Vine and Selma. The first film ever to be produced was by Demille and Jesse Lasky and was featured there. The building was then moved to paramount studios in 1926. It was then re-opened in 1985. Among the exhibits in the museum include, props, photos and a memorabilia from the first days of Film making in Hollywood.


You can never go wrong in taking a trip to North Hollywood California. Those are among the best places you can visit and you have so much to learn especially if you are really into the film and movie industry. Forget every negative thing that you have heard about North Hollywood California and explore it. There is no better place to be than North Hollywood California.