History of North Hollywood California dates a few hudred years back. It started by the settling of Tongva Indians. Later it was taken by Spanish explorers. In 1769, Franciscan missions were established by a Spanish who wanted to explore the place more. During that time, the current location of Los Angeles was determined and then in 1781, it was founded by a royal edict. In 1797, ranching and an agricultural area by the name San Fernando mission were started through the order of Franciscan.


In 1821 Mexico won its independence from the Spanish, the land was taken as a section of the Mexican state. In 1846, Eulogio de Celis was given the Rancho Ex-Mission which included the present location of North Hollywood. After the passing away of Eulogio de Celis in 1869, some of the family lands were sold. That included the one which is the current Roscoe Boulevard and the agricultural people from northern California headed by Issac Lankershim.


In 1873, the property management was taken over by Issac Newton Nuys and his son. The farming technique of the American mid-west changed where the Milling Company and the Los Angeles Farming used drying farming to grow wheat. At the moment, the empire is the leading wheat grower in the world. Later on, the price of wheat started going down, a water company and a Lankershim Ranch Land purchased about 12000 acres from the milling and farming company. A group of developers and Lankershim’s son made a two by the name Toluca in the year 1887. They also sold part of the land to some farmers who planted nut trees and fruits.


By 1894, the fruit farmers developed the Toluca fruit growers association. The association was of bit help to the farmers who depended on it. A group by the name Southern Pacific Railroad comes up with a rail line. They made a station close to the North Hollywood in placed called Chandler and Lankershim.


More and more developments followed each other. For instance, in 1913 the construction and development of the Los Angeles Aqueduct came to an end. The west side of North Hollywood experienced some big names like Harry Chandler, HJ Whitley, and Moses Sherman was involved in developing of booming houses that ran from 1910 t0 1920. These people helped in many developments that will never be forgotten.


The water projected was restricted to the city alone. Some valley farmers decided to buy aqueduct water but law prohibited the selling of the water to the outer places. That led to different communities voting to join the city. For instance, in 1915, San Fernando voted to join the city and in 1923, Lankershim did the same thing. Later they were allowed to join the city and become one.


In 1927, Lankershim was renamed to North Hollywood which was an attempt to capitalize on the beauty of Hollywood in terms of estate and land. Later on, the aviation industry was constructed in naval and Burbank. That made to the development of California. The World War 2 brought change and after that, North Hollywood California was transformed from an agricultural land to residential state.

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