Fun things to do in TOluca lake, ca

Toluca Lake is a neighbourhood, in the San Fernando valley, about 13 and a half miles away from downtown Los Angeles. Toluca Lake used to be a "hidden gem" of the area but recently, with the likes of Miley Cyrus and Steve Carell moving to this neighbourhood, there's been a revival of interest in the neighbourhood, and luckily for you it's easy to appreciate the charm of this area outside of LA and Hollywood.


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The Garry Marshall Theatre (formerly the Falcon Theatre)

The Garry Marshall Theatre has been up and running since 1997, when Garry Marshall (the director of Pretty Woman) decided to open a theatre, with the help of his daughter. It was formerly called the Falcon Theatre, but changed its name in 2017. The season at the Falcon runs from August through to April, so just keep that in mind if you were thinking of stopping by. When the crowds clear out over summer, so too does the theatre! The Garry Marshall Theatre is an intimate affair, seating only 130 people, and the shows vary in range, but focus on local and up-and-coming talent. Definitely worth a visit for a fun and different night out!



Is this an activity? We say it is! I mean you're in LA, so sleep in, skip breakfast and get your first meal in at a more civilised hour! The locals all head to Aeirloom Bakery (10550 Riverside Drive) for the all day breakfast and the plentiful vegan and gluten-free options (we are right next to Hollywood after all!). If you're feeling something a little bit more hearty then you''ll find Patys Restaurant (10001 Riverside Drive) will hit the spot, serving up a classic diner breakfast all day. If neither of these take your fancy, there are plenty of other options - head to Riverside Drive and you'll be sure to find an enticing brunch spot.


Riverside Drive

If you're in the mood for a bit of retail therapy, but can't stand the thought of a busy mall, or pretending to be rich and famous on Rodeo Drive, you can simply head straight out from your brunch to the strip. The strip has a cool vibe, and it's filled with boutique stores. If you're after a one-of-a-kind, or you just want to see where celebrities really shop, Riverside Drive is worth a look. You'll feel like you've stepped back in time - not a chain to be found.


Bob's Big Boy

The quintessential selfie of Toluca Lake. Grab some fries and a burger at the diner, and then pose with the statue afterwards. Yeah, yeah it's cheesy and overdone, but some things just demand a selfie and Bob's Big Boy is one of them! It's THE icon of the area! Wander around the area We were debating whether to add this to the list. I mean, is it really a suggestion? But after some deliberation, we decided that this was probably the best part about Toluca Lake. It's got it's own vibe and the best way to soak it all up is to go for a walk around and look at the houses and appreciate the neighbourhood. You may even see a celebrity! We took a few hours to walk around the neighbourhood and had a lovely time, so we do recommend you do the same. You can't really go wrong here - just start walking around on whatever streets take your fancy and soak it all in! You can easily return to Riverside Drive for a coffee, shopping or more all-day breakfast when you feel you've seen the best of Toluca Lake!

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