Famous attractions in North Hollywood, California North Hollywood, California has several and the most famous attractions that you can ever see in California. While visiting North Hollywood, California it is not good to leave the place without visiting some of these places. Most of these place a are full of fun that both you and your family members.


1. The Hollywood Bowl Museum

If you like watching concerts, the Hollywood Museum is the place that you should go. It is always open each night and day before the starting of any concerts. The place is always open throughout the year. Thus any time you visit North Hollywood, never miss to stop at this place and have fun. If you have a family, then this is the place where you should take them to have fun.


2. The Hollywood wax museum

Located in the longest Hollywood walk of fame, the Hollywood wax museum is still running under a single management. Since 1965, it has been operated and run by one amazing management. It is devoted mostly to celebrity figures. That implies that visiting this museum will help you came face to face with silver screen icons. Most of them are recreated in a way that you will think that they were still alive.



Since its opening in May 1927, the theatre has been the most spectacular place that is open for most amazing motion picture history. This is the place you will go and get a chance to meet the world move superstars and celebrities. It is rich in traditions that are connected with movies. The theatre has footprints and handprints that are printed using cement. The images are the representation of the brightest stars.


4. The Ripley’s believe it or not

This is said to be the home of world-class fun for all family members. It is a place where you will have the ability to watch all the galleries that cover about 300 fascinating and unusual exhibits put together by Robert Ripley who was the most famous traveler. This is where you will get all the pictures of most of the famous places in North Hollywood, California.


5. The NBC TV studios

They are located at the West Alameda Avenue and they are the best place to visit. Opening from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm is good for a family tour. If you are a fan of Jay Leno, you may have the advantage of seeing him at his Studio 3. Every visitor who comes here is given a seventy-minute tour. The studio has a schedule that serves for those who come first. Here you will get all the nice treatment that you deserve.


There are several attractions that will amaze you in North Hollywood, California and if you want to visit this you will get several places where you can enjoy. Most of these places have a history that is connected to it. For instance, most museums those have the history that is connected to the most famous movie's production.

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